By Kalent Zaiz

Wild and single! No enough thank you!

What are women looking for in a man? Well this is a very deep topic to fully explore in one article but the answer will vary depending on age, education and others factors.

Of course, any woman no matter the factors above, likes a man with a charming personality, good looks, confidence, and one with whom she has great physical chemistry. And that chemistry has been an important for longevity in relationship because great sex is always a necessary breath of life especially for those who do not have other common entertaining habits, such as sports, alcohol, drugs, and dancing at nightclubs.


Great personality is one of the major factors in what attracts women to a man. A man without words and without character produces a very bad impression in front of a woman who knows perfectly what she wants.


Maturity is also another important factor, even for those who are younger. But this goes beyond just age… and it shouldn’t imply boring. When a woman wants to be in a relationship she want it in every sense of the word. For some men this factor may be intimidating and seem to be a gamble, but there are of course exceptions.


The old school idea of being wild and single doesn’t work anymore, it’s not enough. It is true that many women play the same games as men but we know that this isn’t reasonable nor smart – whether it’s a heterosexual or same-sex relationship that we want.


We all want to receive this and especially in the one whom we decide to spend our live with. When we choose someone to grow with, to cry with, to celebrate with, to converse with, to discuss different points of view with, to share the really important things with respect and loyalty are a must.

Some partners even do business together, and for that to work respect and loyalty are the only key to maintaining the business. These factors are the reason the most powerful alliances in the world succeed.

Being treated with respect and loyalty demonstrates that partners care  about each other’s thoughts, activities, and feelings in the same way they do for themselves… and that is the only guarantee to a long successful relationship.

Other aspects can be broken and repaired but after breaking the respect and loyalty it is almost impossible recover from, even with a second chance because there will always be at least some lingering suspicion and doubt and those are unhealthy feelings no matter what type of relationship you’re in.

So if any of you want to have a great long-term relation remember respect and loyalty… and commit to it!

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