Why are women more interesting at age 40?

By Kalent Zaiz

It is a commonly held stereotype that the age of 40 is the age of wrinkles, declining body, air thinning and skin losing its luster. Although they have dreams of the younger days, a woman of this age is confident, who possess self-confidence and wisdom. Being 40 shouldn’t affect women in negative ways, in fact, they have matured and see a new future and stage of life, time changes the way they think and act and it is this matureness which leads them not to commit the same follies from their youth.

At age 40, the body must be taken care of.

Self-love is a priority to any woman at age 40, she must be vigilant about her weight since her metabolism will be slower, making her prone to accumulate fat in her hips, waist, and abdomen. Also, it is much more difficult to burn the fat and woman need to do moderate exercise and consume meals that are low in fat. Her skin becomes more delicate to external agents, such as the sun, contamination and stress, that’s why it is of utmost importance to care for it by moisturizing and protecting it from the sun.

Beauty at 40

By nature, women consider beauty a very important thing in their lives. While women in her 40’s are more self-confident, some changes come with age, such as wrinkles, hair deterioration, gray hair and lacking luster. This age is not synonymous of beauty loss, but is something natural that doesn’t mean a loss in their lives. They just wish to present a more youthful appearance, so with the help of makeup and skincare it can help return the appearance of luster of youth.

Vitality at age 40

It is widely believed that once you reach your 40’s you think it is time to be secluded, you lose sexual interest and the desire to meet new people, but on the contrary, women in their 40’s have a renewed interest in life, they are more apt to have a better sensual understanding and fulfillment and enjoy the freedom to explore and experience new things in life.

Sexual life

Age is not a limit for sexuality; at 40 women have increased desire with more intensity to satisfy their sexual desires. Although they no longer have the same body they used to have in their youth, they possess more vitality, despite hormonal changes. There are many factors that may affect their sexuality, such as drugs, alcohol, coffee, overwork, stress, and depression.

Psychology of women in their 40s

With age, natural changes occur in the body, not only hormonal but mentally, they begin to understand what role everyone plays in life.  Some may choose to stay at home and keep busy, while others may decide to change their career for happiness instead of the daily stress of a job they really don’t enjoy doing. They have matured and they have grown, which gives them strength to make these decisions.  They no longer feel insecure. On the other hand, sexual desire may decrease because they have low self-esteem about their physical appearance and don’t feel as attractive or desired as they were in their 20’s and 30’s. There is too much importance placed on high self-esteem.

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