KZaiz Magazine Women's special

By Kalent Zaiz in Women’s Interest Magazine

50 pages, published 10/21/2020

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I knew today it would be a great day. I made it that way!. I had six auditions this month, of which I got booked for one paid commercial! I sold a couple of advertisements in my magazine, and I sell a few pieces from my clothing collection. I solved the problems of a couple of clients with my coaching service. Today I got up at 8 am and I ran 4 miles. I came back home I hug and kiss my husband, I did the laundry, I ate breakfast with my husband and I watched a half-hour TV Stephen King movie (“Salem’s Lot”) them I cleaned the apartment, I cleaned the bathroom, I listened to an audiobook (…) I made the dinner ( a Dominican Dish) While I had an entire day of internal conversations with tons of people from my past, present, and future.I finished. My son hasn’t come out of his room; he’s in his own world socializing with an external world. I think about him and my daughter and tell my husband how happy my children have always made me. I noticed that I feel good and I am thankful for that!. I asked my husband if my mother-in-law hasn’t text today; he says no and texts her. I came to my computer. I see my mother repost something I posted yesterday in her Facebook timeline; I thank and blessed her. Now I am drinking a glass of cold beer while writing this for you to read, “Thank you!. It is only 4:30 in the afternoon on Oct 24-2020 and I have the rest of the day to share with my family. I am glad to serve as an inspiration for some people in the world. Thanks again for reading it even in your dark side of silence; it means a lot to me! Now you can go and start writing your own story!Don’t forget to read our magazine and stay tuned for my next publication. I have a giving away five free spots for my next magazine for coaches, authors, entrepreneurs and artists.By Kalent Zaiz 10/24/20230

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