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You made it this far and that is amazing! You may wondering “What next?”

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What do I need to do now?

Just follow the simple checklist below. There are only a few questions but only you can answer; follow up and be honest in your answer. Be candid and honest. Our readers should become curious about you and your business. This is not a test, so have fun and you’ll have amazing results.

What kind of photos should I send?

A photo that “describes” yourself, the essence of you or your business, brand etc. It is important that you know exactly what you want people to think when they see you on the cover. For example, if you are a life coach, what is the first impression you want your client to have about you? Most importantly, what will you think or say when you see it as if you were somebody else? Likewise, if you are perhaps a fashion designer, actresses, or a model. Everyone has a story to tell, make sure to communicate yours. Your images should express a clear message without saying a word.

Here is a photo of the task checklist and below is the form for you to complete.

Welcome to our “Successful Magazine Advertising” family! If you have any doubts or questions, please don’t be shy – we are only an email away and would love to help you. We’ll see you on the next publication!

Write your answers for the task checklist, and any detail, photo or information for us to start  working in your: Interview, Article or advertising to:


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