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By Kalent Zaiz

It’s almost unbearable for most kids the idea of going back to school but what they do not know is that it’s not an easy task for their parents either. It’s an endless battle that never changes, and it could make even safe to say that most of us who happen to be reading this can undoubtedly feel kind of related in some way to this experience we must have gone through during our childhood.
We will give you some working and handy tips which you as a parent can correctly apply to this kind of situation.

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Talk to your kids about the importance of going back to school. Going back to school might sound a little bit tedious if not incredibly annoying for your kid so your task will be mainly focused on letting him/her know all the fun he probably forgot having a couple of months back when he used to attend to school without any complaint at all. Remind him/her all the great cool dues he made and all the crazy fun he’ll be getting once again by going back to that scary place where joy can be easily found. Anticipating all these aspects could be frustrating at times but it will worth everyone’s time.
Maintaining a positive attitude can more than anything change thing for the better. As we previously mention going back to school can be extremely stressful and pretty annoying for your kids.

Talking with your kids about the problem can be tricky, but if you have a mutual connection with him/her in regards this familiar topic, then it’s more likely that things could go smoothly for all of you. Letting him/her tell you and pointing out all the possible causes for him/her refusing to go back to school can be a win/ win situation. However, the very first step to achieving such a task is by talking with your kids. None ever says that this was going to be easy but it will reveal many things that could be wrong and could hopefully be solved with a lot of patient and comprehension.
Communication is the primary key paying attention to every detail you kid has to say about not going back to school could be highly crucial and very important for all of you guys to start dealing with.


That’s why taking your kid to a psychologist can tell us the primary source of the problem.

Try to incentive your kids doing activities he/she did during school time can be very healthy and fun for them since they will start feeling that school is pretty much part of their life. This methodology is very recommended by many psychologists who study this problem with kids of all ages. What are these activities? Well, we can say they are such as (painting, doing some math, reading). Many things could include these kinds of events. Keeping the mind of your kids busy is a golden key.



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