We believe any artist, famous or up-and-coming, should have an equal opportunity to build their future and tell the world what, why, and how they are special. I came from a place where only two types of people seem to appear in the media, either the rich in the social section or the poor in the police section, and where there is a  common misconception that magazines are only for the rich and famous. I don’t think this idea is much different here in the American culture.
I myself don’t belong to either either the rich or the poor. Twenty-five years ago I used to live in a beautiful town, “Santiago de los 30 Caballeros”, and for some reason being an artist in this place made me feel very special as a human being, and for the same reason I also met very special people. I met all sorts of special talents, politicians and also many journalists working in newspaper, radio, magazine, and other media. I called them my friends and they are. We grew up together. Most of the time they wrote articles or interviews about me and at other times I simply wrote my own press release and gave it to them. 


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I often found myself buying the newspaper or magazine with my name and pictures on it, whether I was the headline or not. I would also immediately call or send a postcard to the person who published it, and annually sent letters or cards, even visiting the editorial companies in person to express how grateful I was for their great support in my campaign to build name recognition in my acting career. It works! None of them, neither journalists nor publishers, demanded or needed my gratitude but I discovered that the more gratitude I expressed to them the more often they posted my publications in their space. 
It’s not that any publicity will make you more or less talented but if you have something to share, some talent or special skill to give, to sell, to share, or just to offer – something that makes you interesting in the eyes of the world – and you want to shine as a light, remember that you will not catch fire under the sea. The only way that other people can recognize your talent is if you display it for the world to see. This is called publicity.

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Publicity isn’t necessarily free. Companies such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Google, the Hollywood industry as a whole, and talents such as Angelina Jolie, Michael Jackson, Kim Kardashian and many others have invested millions of dollars in publicity. Companies use popular talents to promote their brand because this is how the human mind works. Images, sounds, concepts and other impressions create an impact in our subconscious that arouses our interest to consume a product, or like and follow an artist, politician, or anyone who is considered a public figure.

In the past the privilege to be featured in the newspapers or magazines was possible only for those who had a lot of money to pay for these services, but often only at the local or national level since these publications weren’t necessarily distributed internationally. And while television had much popularity and widespread availability it wasn’t an option for everyone. Now, however, companies and talents have seemingly endless options thanks to technologies such as the internet and the myriad of devices that connect to it allowing us to communicate with one another around the word without so much as moving from our chair.
 How amazing is this? We can go into nearly any place in the world and audiences can access most of the information about people, products or anything just with a click or tap; a vast ocean of information. You can now read a KZaiz Entertainment Magazine from nearly any device or platform around the world just as easily as you can watch a TV program or make a bank deposit.
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Many talents don’t know how to use this information to their own benefit and seem to suffer from the belief that they need to spend a lot of money marketing themselves. In some respects this remains true… but KZaiz Magazine is a different concept. We offer an affordable way to declare yourself to the world without getting into the outrageous prices still prevalent within much of the market. While publicity can be a major expense, in order to get yourself, or any products, in front of the masses you just may need to make some investment.

 Wealthy people and profitable companies know this and use it to sell us everything we need or want. Marketing helps us succeed and creates a chain of mutual benefits that keeps talents popularity growing and the country economics flourishing. Use it!

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