Tips for a Natural Look 

We all want to look natural and not made up.

We all want to look natural and not made up, the older we get we should be using less makeup instead of more. Our skin isn’t as youthful as it was when we were younger, our eyes start showing little crow’s feet at the corners, our cheeks may not be as plump and showing sign of wrinkles, the corners of our mouth may also be showing little lines. But we still want to feel and look youthful. With the right products and techniques, you should be able to accomplish this. Always start by gently washing your face, (never scrubbing), then pat dry and apply toner and moisturizer. Sunscreen should also be a part of your daily habit, especially if you are out in the sun a good portion of the day. Choose your products based on your skin type; dry, oily, or a mix of both. This should be a daily habit done 2x a day.  DON’T forget your neck. Most of us don’t think about our necks but it should be taken care of as part of your face.

You should also drink a lot of water; this will help to keep those cheeks plump from the inside out.  Our skin cells are made of mostly water, and if you’re dehydrated, your skin will look and feel dry.

Applying Makeup

You should apply your makeup with your fingers or makeup sponges instead of brushes, this helps give you a more natural look. If you have oily skin you may want to finish with a translucent powder. Always make sure your hands and fingers are clean, this helps from spreading germs. If you have issues with dark or red areas try using a light-reflecting concealer pen around those areas, such as, your nose, under your eyes, and on your chin. This helps to cover up these imperfections without your makeup caking up. When choosing a blush you want one that works best with your skin tone color. If you have fair skin, light shades of pink work best, medium skin try peach colors, and for darker skin you want to use darker pinks. A good way to see what works best is to apply to the back of your hand and see how natural it looks.  For your eyes you want to choose a shadow cream not powder. The powder has a tendency to cake up in the creases. For your lashes you may want to use an eyelash curler, this helps give the appearance of longer lush lashes.  Fair skinned try brown mascara, darker skin use a black. Finish off with your lips, good rule of thumb is choosing a color that is one shade darker than your lips.   Enjoy the new beautiful you.

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