Kalent Zaiz work in her next TV Series

KZ Team: What Kzaiz Back Stage the story about, and how do you get into it?

Kalent Zaiz. Kzaiz Back Stage is a TV Series about the owner of an entertainment industry magazine, Mrs. Stone, and her company staff – the executives and other employees.

Actress Kalent Zaiz Photography by Joseph Wirth

The story unfolds when Mrs. Stone notices that she has hired a group of incompetent executives and as they realize that they can’t treat her based on the old stereotype about women in power. What woke in them is a series of feelings and contradictions that leads to conflicts, sexual situations, energy and tension. The story shows behind-the-scenes of the industry with some drama, sprinkled with humor.

I was writing a script for my new TV series totally differently and a little mystical, but the story is also based on some real events, some of them very close to me, so I asked a friend of mine to join me in writing the script. Unfortunately my friend had to have eye surgery around this time and my creativity was already flowing. In my experience when this happens it’s something you have to take advantage, so at that moment I was in front of my computer looking at my magazine design and some feelings and questions came across: Why did I decide to get into this business? What circumstance made me to it?

With the amount of time, money and effort I expended in doing it I found myself feeling really frustrated, doing the job of 30 employees, and thinking about how much I hate the technical part, like sitting for 12 hours a day working on a computer, while at the same time doing submissions for my own acting career. To my surprise I realized I was about to give it up, so I went to my bed with all of these thoughts in mind and woke the next day to find myself writing the plot for “KZaiz Magazine Back Stage”. After I finished the script I started the auditions in order to not have the temptation again. Then I scheduled to start filming in February 2016, but once I had all my cast and crew I decided to maintain the momentum and that is how I made my indie first episode, which is now in post-production.

KZ Team: As a writer which characters in the script did you enjoy the most?

Kalent Zaiz. I have more 20 years experience writing plays, scripts, commercials and sketches for TV and I can tell you every character is different and rich, but the most interesting aspect for me was that I withheld the script from the actors and each character in this project was only given the plot during the audition to ensure they understood what the story of their character was about and to really allow them to get into the skin of the role. That’s why I love all the characters as an ensemble and not just one individually.

KZ Team: Were there challenges working as both the director and a member of the cast?

Kalent Zaiz.Yes, the biggest challenge was directing my cast while playing the character of Mrs. Stone at the same time. She is a tough woman and not conventional. Fortunately I have a very professional cast and crew, with the ability to understand any ambiguous situation.

KZ Team: What has been the biggest obstacle producing the series with a low budget?

Kalent Zaiz. As a producer you need to build the right team: talent and crew – people who believe they are an important part of something bigger and who want to be involved. If you have people working just for cash, you will be disappointed. Even if you have a lot of money to pay them, there is a big difference between people who work to build a solid foundation for their career and those who work just for the day’s pay. I am also very aware of what we can do with a big budget and want to make sure that people who truly support the project and are team players are rewarded for their work!

KZ Team: What role do you think the editor plays in the final result of a production?

Kalent Zaiz. The editor play one of the most important parts in the game, whether the product is a flop or an smashing success. If the editor is creative and talented they can create amazing results, and if not then just the opposite. When an editor does a great job its to the credit of their future career and if not then this affects the whole team. Of course, in any project with more the one person, everybody is essential and needs to do their best for the situation to be win-win for all parties involved.

KZ Team:How does this production bring something new to the audience?

Kalent Zaiz. The audience can feel part of the reality behind the scenes of the entertainment industry as they witness the drama, comedy, contradictions, conflicts, sexual situations, energy and tension.


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