10 Personal Hygiene Tips
Personal hygiene is very important in daily life, you need to take care of your body, it is essential in helping to avoid diseases and enriches your individual image. In society, poor hygiene is offensive, it is necessary to preserve the health of the body and self-esteem influences a lot in your life, since you as an individual, should appreciate your body, strives to keep your appearance and body healthy.


A daily shower is important

It is important to shower or bathe your whole body including the inside and behind the ears, and should be practiced daily, this help to eliminate offensive body odor, it helps to control the body’s natural odors caused by perspiration and helps maintain a healthy looking body. You should also apply deodorant daily.

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Washing your hair
Dandruff is usually a sign of dry scalp and hair washing should be done at least 2 times a week with a shampoo specifically for dandruff. Depending on your hair type you may need to wash more often, this helps remove all the grease and dirt that has accumulated from the environment.  Depending on the type of hair you have; dry, oily, frizzy, curly choose a shampoo and conditioner that targets your type of hair for best results.
The importance of washing your hands
It is the best way to avoid spreading germs and catching diseases, you need to make it a habit of washing your hands after using the bathroom, working with food in the kitchen or after handling any objects that may have dirt or grime on them. If you are unable to wash your hands right away, keep them away from your face and eyes until you can wash them properly.
Brushing your teeth daily for oral health
Oral health is very important because it helps keeps teeth strong and healthy it helps keep bad breath under control, tooth decay or plaque and gum disease. Oral hygiene provides a healthy mouth and makes a good impression. Flossing once a day is also recommended. Be proud to smile.
Maintain good hygiene for your ears
Most of us use Q-Tip swabs, but they should only be used on the outer ear, you should never put or push into the ear itself, this could damage your eardrum, it is advisable to wash the outside and behind your ears every time you bathe.
Maintaining Good Mental health
Not everything is about physical hygiene; mental health is also an important factor, to maintain it is to have self-confidence, to value oneself, to have self-control, autonomy and individuality. We all experience depression sometimes, but it should not last more than a day or two. If it does you should see your Doctor there could be a medical reason for it.
Clothes make a statement
Clothing and footwear are always subject to special attention, you should put on clean clothes after you shower or bathe. Keeping clothes clean and wrinkle free makes you feel and look your best. Your footwear should be appropriate to the clothes you are wearing and fit comfortably. Wearing shoes that are not fitted properly could lead to feet problems such as bunions and callouses, making it painful to walk.
Caring about your image
In society your appearance is the first thing people notice and influences a lot of decisions, a careless appearance can be reason enough to be overlooked or rejected in other people’s eye.
Always practice hygiene habits
Having and practicing good hygiene habits should be a daily habit. Not only does it make you feel you’re best, it helps you be your best, builds your self-confidence and self-esteem.

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