Unique Spring

Unique Spring
Actress/model Kalent Zaiz. Kalent Zaiz Photography/ KZaiz Magazine

The Spring is celebrated and the characteristic of the spring season is that it’s a season full of life and color, transmitting energy and happiness; the sun is brighter and days are longer.  Other aspects are also inspired by spring, such as: fashion, parties, personality, style, among others, presenting it mainly through clothes with floral themes, patterns, embellishments and adorned hairstyles with vivid aromas and colors.

Spring represents youth, renewal and rebirth of all living things; it is also a great time to make changes both in the environment and in yourself.

Floral arrangements

Floral arrangements are the most essential art to represent spring. Floral design consists of texture, color, space and its principles are balance, proportion, harmony and unity. Once the main flower is chosen the others flowers are then chosen to compliment and highlight the main flowers in the arrangement.  There are so many spring flowers to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

How Spring Influences fashion

From hairstyles to clothing and accessories Spring  has a great influence on fashion, it becomes a theme and trend in the industry, designers at this time take into account all trends today, when spring arrives, designers present their new collections, all  inspired by this theme. They present their collections ranging from brightly colored coats, printed dresses, embroidered or finished with adornments, blouses, trousers, day hats decorated with artificial flowers to fragrances with floral aroma. The designers offer their spring designs by showcasing them to the critics and the public.



Actress/ Model Kalent Zaiz

Clothing is a way of expressing emotions, spring conveys joy and happiness; for this, spring fashion is made to convey all these feelings, spring is the ideal trend for the occasion.

As for the hairstyles, they can be decorated with small flowers, and may also be accompanied by slats or bows, decorated braids or a thin wreath of flowers, which are all in style for spring.


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