Small Apartment

“Small Apartment can be hard to decorate, but living in a place with no personality is even harder. Decorating your small apartment is never complete until you feel is time to invited someone over”. Kalent Zaiz 

You now have an excuse to decorate your apartment!  First, define different areas and space of the apartment. then give it a purpose  of organized your items and reduce clutter in your space.

 White walls

White walls in small spaces is fundamental when you’re living in an apartment, a great way to add color and decoration to your home is with handmade furniture. Consider getting yourself multi-use furniture in order to take up less room in the home.  in this case like the makeup ” Less is more When working with limited space”.

Commune areas

The living room and dining space. If you don’t have a lot of space to fill. It’s not necessary to call and hire an interior designer in order to make your small apartment a more spacious  There are various things you can do on your own.

Arrange your space to make it enjoyable.

The bigger windows give you an impression that the space is large  every inch of space counts. Although white walls can make a space feel bigger; Lighten up the furniture can give the feeling of spaciousness.


Everyone  deserve to have a bigger home but once in awhile don’t forget to enjoy the blessed of your environment. Take advantage of the little details. You don’t often need help keep it clean and is also adorable by the day find yourself alone; with a nice music, a glass of wine & scented candles .


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Cristobalina Za I z

Gracias por las ideas de como disf y utar nuestro espacio y hacernos entender que por pequeño que sea. Es nuestro reino y debemos disfrutarlo. Adelante mi tesoro.

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